Product characteristics and application scope of biochemical incubator

2022-04-15 16:02:42
Product characteristics and application scope of biochemical incubator

The biochemical incubator adopts mirror stainless steel liner,the cabinet body adopts steel plate spraying,the quadrature semi-circular arc,easy to clean,the spacing of baffles inside the cabinet is adjustable,the stainless steel circulating air duct,forced air circulation,the temperature is even.It is equipped with an independent temperature-limiting alarm system,which automatically interrupts when the temperature exceeds the limit to ensure the operation of the experiment and no accidents.Equipped with fuzzy PID intelligent temperature controller,small fluctuation,with timing function.LCD display,multi-group data display,easy to understand,easy to observe and operate.The operation is simple and the temperature control precision is higher than the original digital table.

Biochemical incubator is widely used in environmental protection,health and epidemic prevention,drug testing,agricultural and livestock,aquatic research,institutions,production departments,water analysis and BOD determination,mold,microbial culture,preservation,plant cultivation,breeding experiments special temperature equipment.

Biochemical incubator and thermostatic incubator(thermostatic incubator)are two commonly used laboratory equipment.They are both incubators.What are the differences between them?

I.product features are different

Thermostatic incubator outer shell with sheet metal stamping,surface coating,the tank for SUS stainless steel,double sealing,thermal insulation material for silicate cotton.Equipped with mini fan in the cabinet,the breeze circulation,the evenness of temperature in the cabinet.Temperature control device adopts adaptive temperature control,liquid crystal display(LCD)without temperature control parameter adjustment,high precision temperature control,no overshoot,has the function of timing,over temperature protection function.The electrical controls are at the top.

The biochemical incubator is composed of a body,a temperature control device,a heating and refrigeration system,and a circulating air duct.The box working room is made of mirror stainless steel,with circular arc structure.The casing is sprayed with plastic on the surface of steel plate.The door is fitted with an observation window.The height of the studio screen can be adjusted at will.The heat insulation between the workroom and the box is well filled with polyurethane foam board.The temperature control device mainly consists of a temperature controller and a temperature sensor.The temperature controller has the functions of over-temperature protection,timing and power loss protection,etc.The heating and refrigeration system is composed of heating tube,evaporator,condenser and compressor.

Two,the product USES are different

Biochemical incubators are mainly used for the incubation of biochemical reactions,so their doors are mainly composed of glass,which is used for the incubation reaction at a specific temperature.It can also be used for the culture of mold and control bacteria.

Thermostatic incubator is mainly used for the cultivation and control of bacteria.As its name indicates,it has good sealing property and the temperature is controllable and constant,but it is not easy to observe outside.

3.Product temperature control is different

The temperature range of the two is very different,the biochemical incubator with refrigeration,temperature control is generally in 4-60℃,some low temperature biochemical incubator,the temperature can reach-20~40℃,and the constant temperature incubator is usually room temperature+5~60℃.The accuracy of temperature control is different between the two.The accuracy of the biochemical incubator is very high,about±0.1℃,while the constant temperature incubator is only±1℃.