Main characteristics of biochemical incubator

2022-04-22 16:13:18
Main characteristics of biochemical incubator

Main characteristics of biochemical incubator:

1,the cavity adopts molding process manufacturing,has a strong anti-erosion power.

2,in order to cover the refrigeration compressor,the control line is supposed to have a break screen and 4 seconds performance.

3.All-glass cabinet door for easy inspection of mission cavity.

4,the sound insulation in the box adopts polyamine ester on the spot foam plastic,for domestic heat and cold source has a strong anti-disturbing power.

5.Temperature active control,adopt white LFD developer to show the figures clearly.

The bidirectional temperature control system for refrigeration and heating is stored in the biochemical incubator.The performance of temperature control is scientific research on plants,biology,microorganism,heredity,wild virus,medicine,environmental protection,etc.The cultural units are not short of laboratory facilities,which are widely used in low-temperature temperature test,culture test,condition test and so on.

Note for use of biochemical incubator:

1.Connect to the power supply,close the power supply switch,the parts will call back,and the power indicator light inside the door will be on.

2.Please refer to the book of intelligent digital temperature controller for temperature control setting.

3.The incubator has breakpoint screen performance and one and a half minute internal and external performance.After the compressor is stopped,it should be started again for one and a half minutes.

4,if need to illuminate open illuminate switch.