BOD incubator/ cooling incubator ( Touch screen )

2022-04-23 19:46:35
BOD incubator/ cooling incubator ( Touch screen )


Usage Overview

BOD incubator/ cooling incubator is applicable for the productive sectors of scientific research institutions such as environmental protection, health and anti-epidemic drug prevention, livestock, and aquatic products. It is a special constant temperature equipment for BOD water quality analysis and testing,bacteria, mold, microorganism cultivation, preservation, plant cultivation,breeding test.

Product Features

●The shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, the surface is electrostatic sprayed, the paint film is firm, and the shape is artistic.

●Mirror polish stainless steel liner, four-cornered semi-circular arc design, easy to clean, adjustable shelf space in the chamber.

●There are test holes on the left side of the box for users to check and connect the built-in equipment leads.

◆Microcomputer temperature controller can set and adjust temperature and time, which can accurately and conveniently control and adjust temperature.It also provides various benefits such as accurate and intuitive display, reliable performance, overall elegant appearance, convenient to use and maintain.

◆The refrigeration system uses imported original compressors.