Three-layer superimposed shaking incubator

2022-04-23 16:48:41
Three-layer superimposed shaking incubator


Product features

●The studio uses high-quality stainless steel miror panel processing for easy cleaning.

●The maximum three-layer superposition combination method takes up less space

and can effectively use laboratory space. Each layer is independently controlled and

can be set with different temperatures and speeds.

●Adopts upside down door opening method, pull-out tray, convenient for loading and

unloading shake bottles.

◆A waterproof baffle is designed around the bottom of the liner to prevent liquid from

flowing into the lower compartmentprotect the motor from damage due to liquid

leakage, and facilitate cleaning.

●Hollow tempered glass door for easy observation inside.

◆Equipped with ilumination lamp and UV serilization lamp for easy observation and seriation.

●Imported refrigeration compressor, equipped with a unique refrigeration working

method, to ensure that the compressor will not shut down due to overheating and

self-protection, thereby achieving high-quality temperature control effect.

●Centrifugal circulation air duct, forcing air flow in the working room, the temperature

is more uniform.

●The device comes with a sterilization function, which is convenient for users to

perform UV sterilization on work.

●Driven by brushless motor, accurate speed measurement, long life and


●Motor over-current protection function makes the operation safer and can greaty inarease the serice life of the motor and control system.

●With door control function, the door automatcally stops turning when it is opened.

●With timing function, time setting range is 0-9999 minutes (hours).

●With power failure memory function to avoid data loss due to power failure and crash.

●With over temperature sound and light alarm, automatic power off function.

◆With fault self- diagnosis function.