Ammonia Nitrogen Distiller

2022-04-23 20:14:36
Ammonia Nitrogen Distiller


Product Usage

The company produces ammonia nitrogen distillation instrument,which adopts the new international far infrared heating method. The entire system is simple, easy to install and maintain, and reliable to use.Can be widely used in environmental protection, chemical, pharmaceu-tical, materials and other industries in the sample pretreatment process of distillation. It is especially suitable for the distillation treatment of samples before measurement such as ammonia nitrogen, volatile phenol and cyanide.

Product features

1. Convenient installation and maintenance, reliable use, full set of accessories, no need to add additional accessories after purchase.

2. It has the advantages of high thermal eficiency, long life, fast heating and cooling speed, adjustable heating time and heat-ing power, etc.

3. Simple operation, beautiful and practical, energy saving and environmental protection.

4. It can process 6 groups of samples at a time, and can control the temperature of single well and single hole.

5. Optional external circulating water cooling device.